New Immigrant Playbook
New Immigrant Playbook

In this inspiring and beautifully illustrated book with funny New Yorker-style cartoons, Henri Nkuepo shares the lessons he learned as an international student and an immigrant.

Like many immigrants, Henri faced cultural and financial difficulties and encountered naysayers who discouraged him from pursuing his dream of becoming a lawyer. From this experience, Henri learned that to be successful in a new country, immigrants need a plan equal to the challenges they face. So, he wrote this book to share his story, the lessons he learned, and provide a road map for success so that new immigrants have a foundation to achieve their own goals. Each chapter contains basic, simple facts that new immigrants and refugees should know, regardless of which country or continent they are from. Book Introduction (PDF).


“ Henri Nkuepo has written a relatable and plain spoken guide to his experiences as an immigrant. His stories and insights provide an opportunity for new immigrants, as well as those of us working in immigrant services, to learn through his examples. His book draws from personal stories of success and struggle, providing learning opportunities to help new immigrants plan and strategize to achieve success in their new country. The New Immigrant Playbook, sets itself a difficult challenge, it handily succeeds in its goal. ”

" Through the narration of the challenges he was confronted with, ranging from language and cultural barriers to housing and employment obstacles and his successes, Henri offers a reasonably comprehensive guide to developing a strategy to achieve success in their new country.

Henri is a vivid representation of an African immigrant who successfully integrated economically and socially in a foreign country. "

“ Henri Nkuepo overcame many challenges along the way to his various remarkable accomplishments, and is living inspiration to young foreigners who decide to begin a new chapter in another country. It is laudable that he has decided to soften their landing by sharing his experiences and advice, first with his podcast Diaspo and now with his book New Immigrant Playbook – Strategies for Success in Your New Country, both of which are insightful tools for those embarking on a journey away from home. May Henry’s efforts encourage those he guides to replicate his generosity, and pave the way for others still to fulfill their cross-border dreams. ”

Henri's book is a gift to the Immigrant community. Through his unique lens, Henri gives key lessons and strategies to navigate the myriad of challenges of an immigrant in any new country. His roadmap is a blueprint for many immigrants to achieve their desire goals.

What an amazing and easy to read guide for new immigrants! Henri in this book shared so many valuable lessons we all wish we knew when we arrived in our new country. New immigrants! Get a copy and learn what to do, who to hang around with when you arrive in your new country, ect. Even though this book is written for new immigrants, old immigrants that have been in their host country for decades will benefit from it as well.

Henri Nkuepo

Henri Nkuepo

About the Author

Henri Nkuepo was born in Cameroon in 1985, to subsistence farmers, and he grew up in Bamengui, a small village in West Cameroon. After obtaining his high school diploma in 2005, Henri attended the University of Yaoundé-II and obtained his Bachelor of Law in 2008. In 2009, Henri traveled to South Africa to study English and in January 2010, he enrolled in the University of the Western Cape's Master of Law (LLM). He graduated in March 2011 and his thesis won the runner-up prize in the LLM category of the Ismail Mahomed Law Reform Essay Competition. In August 2011, while working on his Ph.D., Henri traveled to the U.S. as a Visiting Scholar at the University of Iowa. After a year at the University of Iowa, Henri traveled to Washington D.C. in September 2012 to work as an in-house counsel with the World Bank Group. While working full-time, Henri suspended his Ph.D. research program and enrolled in the George Washington University's LLM in International Law, and graduated in May 2014. Today, Henri is a Risk Management professional. More at